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A New Series: Hope for the Family

On June 16 we are starting a new series called Hope for the Family. Family can be messy. We are all broken people and we experience that brokenness the most with the people closest to us. This brokenness can leave us feeling hurt, lonely, and confused. For that reason we are going to look at […]

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Community Conversation: Addressing the Opioid Epidemic

Due to the high percentage of opium use and overdose, Alpharetta and John’s Creek are part the “heroine triangle” of Atlanta. Bridgeway Church wants to help address this problem by gathering the community and community leaders to discuss the causes, prevention, and how to support those struggling through it. We hope this informative forum helps […]


New Series: Fullness of Life

On September 9th we begin a new series called Fullness of Life. In John 10:10 Jesus said he came that we might have life and have it to the full. Unfortunately too many people don’t live lives in which they are suffocated by fear, loneliness, hardships and a lack of life. In this series we […]

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Summer Reading

Summer is the time of vacation and hopefully getting a little more rest and relaxation. It can also be a great a time to do a little more reading. If you want to grow in your walk with God (or in any other area) then you should learn to read. For this reason I wanted […]


Responding to Enemies

In Nehemiah 4 he is confronted by many different enemies that are looking to intimidate and stop his rebuilding effort. You may feel a little Nehemiah, trying to do what God calls you to do and yet confronted with opposition on all sides. Here are five things to do to overcome them. Pray: Prayer is […]