This year we will be celebrating Easter in a special way, with the relaunch of Bridgeway Church!

I came to Bridgeway on Nov 20, 2016 to replant the church. It had been through a series of difficulties and was struggling along. We have had a great few months as a church and are primed to relaunch, and what better way to celebrate a relaunch than during Easter in which the church celebrates Christ rising from the dead.

Christ overcame the grave and showed that death had been abolished (1 Cor 15:54). This gives hope in all situation. The worst thing that can happen to us–death– is no more than a door to new life. This causes us to push forward with faith in all things. Even if life doesn’t go the way we hope, in the end Christ promises something better.

We believe Bridgeway is being positioned to better reach the surrounding community and we are excited at what the church could be. We are full of hope and change. It is a small reminder of the transforming power of Christ. We hope you will come and visit, and even more that you will be more aware of Christ’s amazing work.

Keith Welton

Article by Keith Welton