Grow, Serve & Go

We have something for you.

Growing Opportunities

If you are new and just starting to explore the Christian faith or a devoted follower of Christ for decades we hope we have something for you. Below is a list of various ministries and how they might serve you:

Discover Bible Studies

Discover Bible Studies are geared for those who are just starting to learn about the faith or trying to find a way to get back to their faith. It consists of a lesson or Bible reading and then the opportunity to talk about it with others in a no pressure environment.

Children and Students

Infants (6months - 2years): We provide a safe and nurturing environment for your little ones so that you can participate in the Church service with minimal distractions. Classes are provided each week during 10:45 am Worship Service.

Pre-school (3 - 4years): We lovingly teach toddlers the truths of the Bible in a way that they can understand. We combine this teaching with various hands-on activities for them to engage and remember what they are learning. Classes are provided each week during 10:45 am Worship Service.

Students (K - 5th grade): Student gatherings are purposefully designed to engage on a personal level with each child. We believe in building relationships among the children and teaching them how to apply the word of God in their daily lives. Classes are provided once a month during the Worship Service.

Youth (6th - 12th grade): Youth gatherings are designed to engage your older students with the word of God on their level and help them apply the teachings of Jesus in a practical way to their families, schools, and culture at large. Classes are provided once a month during the Worship service. The youth also gather periodically outside of the Sunday service for various events.

Bridgeway Christian Academy

A ministry of the church that was founded in 1999. It is a covenant Christian school that seeks to provide excellence in Christ centered education, equipping student to know, grow, and go. Visit Bridgeway Christian Academy.


The adult discipleship of the church consists of a variety of small groups and classes. Some of these are more formal and take place at the church and some are less formal and take place at people’s homes. All are designed to help people go deeper in community, Bible, and mission.


The men of the church periodically gather the first Saturday of each month for breakfast, fellowship, and an inspiring time in the Word.


The women at the church gather periodically for conferences, Bible studies, and fellowship.


Each week there are a variety of recreational activities at the church. Some are attended mainly by church members and some mainly be those in the community.

Serving Opportunities

A strength of Bridgeway is turning the 20/80 rule on its head. At Bridgeway, most people serve in some way: greeters, refreshment prep, worship team, tech team, teachers, child care, etc. We'd love for you to be a part of it.

Going Opportunities

We want to consistently create opportunities for members to get involved in both local and global missions. With the recent replanting at Bridgeway, our future plans are being evaluated right now and we will post those opportunities as soon as they are determined.